Aquatic Weed Control in Orlando & Wetland Management

It has been our honor over the past 25 years to design & maintain some of the most breathtaking, cost effective, ecologically-friendly water management spaces that you'll ever see-here in Florida or anywhere else. We offer the best lake cleaning in Orlando that gives you plenty of opportunities to make new family memories or just to enjoy a nice view of the water.

We take great pride in our Orlando lake cleaning & wetland maintenance programs and algae control in Orlando.

Lake cleaning companies in Orlando are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to managing and maintaining the health of your lake. Many of these companies offer services that do not require the use of chemicals, such as algae control and lakefront clearings. These services can help keep your lake looking its best without compromising on safety or environmental impact.

Chemical-free treatments are often more cost effective than chemical-based treatments, since they require less frequent reapplications and create a healthier environment for plants, wildlife, fish, and other aquatic life. In addition to avoiding the use of toxic chemicals, these treatments also reduce sediment runoff into nearby bodies of water. This helps to ensure that local waterways remain clean, healthy, and appealing for visitors and locals alike.

The lake cleaning services offered by Orlando companies can include a variety of tasks such as lake aeration, lake dredging, shoreline erosion control, and shoreline enhancement. Aeration helps to prevent sediment buildup in the bottom of the lake, while dredging removes accumulated sediments from the water bed. Erosion control keeps soil in place along the banks of a lake, while shoreline enhancements enhance views and create more usable space along a body of water.

These services can be tailored to fit any budget and timeline. Companies that offer chemical-free solutions are often willing to work with you to find the best balance between long-term sustainability and short-term affordability. Whether you need help maintaining your lake or are looking to improve the aesthetics of your property, these companies can provide the services that you need.

Finding a reputable lake cleaning company in Orlando is easy. There are many options available and most of them offer free consultations to discuss your needs and budget. With the right crew on board, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lake is being cared for with safe and effective treatments. Contact an experienced lake cleaning company today to get started on maintaining a healthy, beautiful lake front space.

 Our staff works closely with the government of Florida to stay up to date of the laws and enforcement codes of lakes and retention ponds in Orlando and the entire state of Florida. We work with Florida community associations, property managers and golf course superintendents to provide the most efficient and cost effective services for their community lakes.

     Our business has been built on the idea of understanding each of our client’s goals and providing them with the quality service that ensures and maintains their individual goals. 

     We keep our clients up to date on current issues and concerns through frequent communication with their community associations and property managers.

Our company is very professional and knowledgeable in providing lake maintenance, aquatic weed control, wetland restoration, wetland    maintenance,fountain installation & repair, and fishery management for community associations.

 Lakescapers is Florida's pioneer lake and wetland management company; we are masters at restoring and maintaining the health and beauty of hundreds of private, commercial and public lakes, waterways, wetlands and preserves.

Our main service includes algae and aquatic weed control, permitting and compliance plans, water quality testing, fish stocking, wetland and preserve management, and sales/service of floating lake fountains & diffused air aeration systems.


​How far will your company travel? 

We are based in Naples Florida but have several office all over the state. We currently do work only within the State of Florida.  Please give us a call and if we are unable to provide service we will be happy to recommend a professional applicator in your area.

How do people pay for your services? 

When a group of homeowners decide to start a weed and algae control program, they generally collect the money in three ways; on a voluntary basis, through a Lake Board, or a Special Assessment District (SAD). We recommend establishing a Lake Board or SAD.  This will allow the money to be collected via property taxes.  Collecting money on a voluntary basis year to year can be problematic.

What kind of equipment do you use? 

For most lakes and larger ponds we use boats especially equipped to evenly disperse liquid and/or granular products across the treatment area. For smaller ponds we use pressurized backpack sprayers to disperse the product through out the waterbody.

What will happen if I water my lawn with recently treated water? 

If you used treated water on your lawn the risk for damage is minimal.  The highest risk is to newly planted flowers, vegetable gardens, and other delicate plants.  If after using treated water you see any damage (i.e. spotting, wilting, browning), we recommend rinsing off the plants with water from your house (garden hose).  Established turf grass is hardy, in 25 plus years of treatment we have never seen a lawn, established trees, bushes, or even established flowers significantly damaged by newly treated water.

Are any of these products harmful to people or wildlife? 

Lakescapers is a professional lake management service company, which offers a variety of lake management services.  The Professionals at LakeScapers, Inc.  have been managing lakes and ponds in the Florida  area since 2010. 

We use new and innovative field techniques to evaluate and maintain each existing lake or pond so we can incorporate a long-term management program to ensure success of your recreational community lake.  Lakescapers success is due to providing its long-standing customers with the most cost effective and innovative services in our industry.

Lakescapers Inc is a family owned environmental firm. 

"Finely, a firm large enough to get the job done and small enough to care".

Services We Provide:

​​>     Urban Lake Management & Maintenance Of All Problem Aquatic Weeds

>     Personal Home Pond Maintenance & Construction

>     Fishery Management

>     Aquatic Vegetation Control

>     Floating Fountain Installation & Repair

>     Fishery Surveys

>     Fish Stocking

>     Water Quality Monitoring

>     Monthly Maintenance Programs

>     Wetland Restoration & Maintenance

>     Detailed Monthly Maintenance Reporting

>     Budgets for Lake Communities & Lake Developments

>     Develop Customized Fishery Management Programs

>     Water Quality Analysis

>     Vegetation Assessments and Recommendations

>     Vegetation Treatments

>     Floating Fountain Repair

>     Waterfall Pump Repair

>     Fixed Fountain Pump Repair

>     Bulkhead and Overflow Inspection

>     Inspection of Erosion and Sedimentation

>     Trash and Debris Removal

>     Detailed Monthly Maintenance Reports

>     Fishery Surveys and Recommendations

>     Fish Stocking and Delivery

>     Manual Weed Control & Removal Of Old Materials By Professional Labor Staff

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